Friday, January 29, 2010

Call It What You Will...

 After spending way too much time thinking about the best way to name my listings in my Etsy shop so it will win the search game I threw up my hands.
I would rather have fun, be authentic, goofy, playful.  Tell it like it is!!  I had a look around to see who else might already be doing this and I found some terrific shops!
Check this one

Seriously, that's the name.....

 BACK STAGE BURRO....Hurry up Stinky Jimmy....get in that cake and sit down with pee pee poodle and be quite.....and for crying out loud...Hold It In... 

I sincerely do wish I could meet stinky Jimmy and pee pee poodle.  Outdoors, probably, but still...and
 Yep, those are really the names and I'm not exactly sure what they are but they are pretty awesome!  This lady is running a rescue for miniature donkeys and proceeds from her shop go their care.  Pay her a visit!!  I promise you will leave with a smile: pomegranite80   and buy something if you can so she can continue to take of her donkeys!

How about this?

 Batshit Crazy Bath Lady

Great name!  We know exactly what we are in for! This batshit crazy lady is part of a collection of NY queens available at Urban Sherpa.  Pay a visit to her shop to see all three queens and to find 'salvage inspired home decor'

Here's another one I really liked:

did you name your Roomba, then tag her proudly to prove you're crazy about her 

Well, did you?
Please visit Mary Poppins Presents  to see all of the amazing things there.  There's even some men's fight club shirts!  Go now and see 'em!

Finally, there's mine!  I decided to take the plunge.  What the heck right?

Stimulus Induced Madness Monkeys - Banged Earrings 


Wild Cod Loins Banged Earrings 

I certainly don't know how it will effect our ability to get our shops listings seen but I know one thing for sure, it's a hecka lot more fun!  Feel free to leave a comment with a link to your own creative, out of the box, tell it like it is kind of name.





Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Someting New!!

I love starting some thing new!  It's so gosh darn exciting!!!

I was really surprised to find that the heart sold as I was writing this post.
I hope it makes someone very happy.

There is something so trans-formative about hammering and twisting metal.  It's like a collaboration between myself and the metals I'm working with.  It's more about what they want than what I want.

Happy, joyful, fun!  I'm so lucky I have something I'm excited to do every day.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Wishing I had a river to skate away on.

and it wouldn't matter how far I went, I could always stop...and sit for a while inside where it's warm.

That could be me, years ago, when life it seems, was much simpler

and everything I imagined seemed like it could really happen

'She Does The Seemingly Impossible'

even if it was only in my dreams.

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Little Piece of Home

Lately I've been feeling a little homesick for Hawaii so I thought I would take a look around and see what's happening on my home island of Oahu. 

These photographs are so great to see!  It looks the same as it did when I lived there and visited this beach several times a week. These are Na Mokulua (the two islands) as seen from Lanikai beach on the windward side of Oahu.  Na Mokulua is a protected bird sanctuary and one of the islets has a black sand beach.

Lilikoi is the word for passion fruit in Hawaiian.  I love lilikoi cottage's soft sweet colors. Lilikoi and guavas grow in abundance in the hills and in people's gardens.  Lilikoi is very tart but it makes wonderful juice!


And I love HollyVision's vibrant colors!  The second image is of a dancing, 'Tutu'.  Tutu in Hawaiian means Grandmother.  In Hawaii, everyone might call an elder Tutu, whether she is their real grandmother or not.  The sense of o'hana or family, is very strong in the islands, all of my friend's children called me 'Aunty' which is also very common.
At local luaus everyone loves it when Tutu gets up to dance.  Sometimes the dance is a beautiful one and sometimes bawdy and fun, either way, it always makes the day.


These gorgeous earrings in red have a pattern that is commonly used in traditional Hawaiian quilts.  These quilts carry a lot of history in them as quilting techniques were introduced to the islands in the early 1800's by the missionaries.  The islanders preferred to use local flora as inspiration rather than the geometric designs commonly used at the time.  To me, they reflect the natural grace and sense of beauty inherent in the Polynesian people.

That was so much fun to take this little excursion through my childhood home and I hope you enjoy these wonderful artists bringing some 'Aloha' to Etsy.
Aloha kakou !!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Bright Blessings

Oh my goodness!!  I received the most wonderful thing in the mail today!!!!

Birdy, of Crow Tarot remembered that I said I really missed Fall, living in the desert so she sent me a whole box of beautiful Fall leaves.

I was so delighted!!!  I crumpled a few to release the scent that I so dearly missed this year.  Then I started to play with them a little.  I thought it would be fun to introduce them to some of the native plants here.

Red leaf with Barrel Cactus

Red leaf and yellow leaf with Agave plant

I thought they got along very nicely!

Brown leaf with Saguaro 

Thank you so much, Birdy and Mike for sending me a little piece of Fall from your neck of the woods!



You can find the very talented and wonderful Bird on her blog, 'The Crows Nest' and in her shop on Etsy, 'Crow Tarot'.


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