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Weird, Creepy, and Bloody Cute, An Interview With dancesippydance

Once again while cruising through the Etsy forums an unusual avi catches my eye. I had to take a peek in dancesippydance's shop as soon as I saw her unique avi. Who makes art like that? I immediately fell in love with her whimsical and slightly unsettling paintings and sculptures.  I kept thinking that some of her sculptures reminded me of people I knew or have seen somewhere.  I had to laugh when I discovered that I myself had been poor little Roxy on occasion.  Dancesippydance has the gift of being able to reach deep into the psyche, into our dream world, that place that lives just a little ways past our peripheral vision, and bring it out into the light where we can all see it.  Here the delightful dancesippydance to tell you about her work.

dialing the phone is so difficult for roxy, is it too much to ask for a live person to answer instead of a machine?

Right off the bat, I have to know who is sippy and why must he/she/it dance?

lol,i am sippy. an occasional nickname from my husband, usually used when i would punctuate a statement by taking a sip of a drink.  o really it came from him making fun of me, "dance sippy dance" actually came from... well, my husband making fun of me.
  The morning after a night out with friends, i was drinking a coffee and telling him about the evenings events. i was telling him (with an unnecessary amount of disgust) how i was badgered into dancing to a song which i hated. he said, "what did they do?" he pulled my coffee mug out of my hand,got on his tippy toes, held the mug high as if playing keep away and said, "DANCE SIPPY! DANCE!" that phrase just always stuck in my head because it was so funny.  

 underwater juggling is harder than you might think.

Your work is so unusual, please tell us how and when did you start creating these pieces.

 i have always been drawn to the unusual. as long as i can remember i always tried to add some weirdness to my art.
 ideas just pop into my head, usually when i should be paying attention to something else. if there was an invasion of evil aliens, the second someone started giving me directions to the escape pod i would think " i should paint a  fat, bald guy in an evening gown.".  i miss a lot of important information that way.

he isn't really sure what he thinks of his new chiropractor 

Who or what inspires you artistically?

wow, too many things to mention. a big one is kid's art.i love kid's art! i always have. i totally dig the unintentional happenings of  bang on perspective, as much as i dig unintentional happenings of outrageously out of whack perspective, accidental smudges that look like brilliant shadows, grimacey little heads peeking over big round bodies, seemingly naked, yet with three buttons down the chest, i love it all. i'm sure people think the cheese is sliding off my cracker when i get all excited and start dissecting the nuances of a

preschooler's scrawl.

Avrid is concerned about his waistline.
What’s the story behind the pinheads and will there be more?  (I wish you had a huge series of pinheads, I love them so!)

aw, thank you. the pinheads lead right back to kid's art. when my son was in grade 1 they had a "100th day celebration" one of the projects they had to do for homework was to take a big poster board and glue 100 of any item onto it(cheerios,popsicle sticks, etc.). i cut 100 pieces of 1 inch cardstock (in the same colors that the pinhead paintings are in now) and we drew 100 monsters. the finished piece looked so cool, i knew instantly that i would do some paintings of the same flavor. the original style of the pinheads was shamelessly thieved from the first monster my son drew on the project.

yes! there will always be more pinheads! i do need to take a break from them every once in awhile otherwise the paintings look stale to me, nothing worse than a stale pinhead.

pinheads dig miasma.

Is there anyone special, who you feel has been very supportive of your artistic endeavors?

all my friends are great supporters but i have to say the feedback i have received from the etsy community has been invaluable to me. somewhere in the back of my head when a friend comments/compliments my work i think to myself "well, what else are they gonna say? "i hate your work"". etsy has gained me some fans and collectors of my work, and a handful of self professed shop stalkers, it's been very validating and motivating.
of course, i should also mention mr.sippy, who not only supports my artistic endevours but my shopping,eating, and having a roof over my head endevours. 

basil doesn't know who is managing your career, but he thinks they are doing you a great disservice.

Do you have any words you would like to share with readers? A favorite quote, piece of advice, or a cause that is particularly meaningful to you?

yikes! that feels like it requires a profound statement...  don't text and drive? stay in school? buy low, sell high?

"I've had a rough year, dad."

"I know you have, Chassie."

 it was really one of those "you had to be there" kind of moments, but you should have seen it, it was quite a trick.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog,  dancesippydance, you have inspired me and made me laugh right out loud and that's an incredible gift.   I'm coming to find you, should we be invaded by evil aliens, to make sure you find your way to the escape pod.  You're a keeper and we're gonna need you on whatever planet we end up on.
Please visit dancesippydance in her shop. And remember, "pretending you didn't see homeless artwork doesn't make the problem go away"




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  1. cool feature! a bit dark for my hippie flower child tastes, but i can definalty appreciate the work and artistry!

    mary jane



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