Friday, January 29, 2010

Call It What You Will...

 After spending way too much time thinking about the best way to name my listings in my Etsy shop so it will win the search game I threw up my hands.
I would rather have fun, be authentic, goofy, playful.  Tell it like it is!!  I had a look around to see who else might already be doing this and I found some terrific shops!
Check this one

Seriously, that's the name.....

 BACK STAGE BURRO....Hurry up Stinky Jimmy....get in that cake and sit down with pee pee poodle and be quite.....and for crying out loud...Hold It In... 

I sincerely do wish I could meet stinky Jimmy and pee pee poodle.  Outdoors, probably, but still...and
 Yep, those are really the names and I'm not exactly sure what they are but they are pretty awesome!  This lady is running a rescue for miniature donkeys and proceeds from her shop go their care.  Pay her a visit!!  I promise you will leave with a smile: pomegranite80   and buy something if you can so she can continue to take of her donkeys!

How about this?

 Batshit Crazy Bath Lady

Great name!  We know exactly what we are in for! This batshit crazy lady is part of a collection of NY queens available at Urban Sherpa.  Pay a visit to her shop to see all three queens and to find 'salvage inspired home decor'

Here's another one I really liked:

did you name your Roomba, then tag her proudly to prove you're crazy about her 

Well, did you?
Please visit Mary Poppins Presents  to see all of the amazing things there.  There's even some men's fight club shirts!  Go now and see 'em!

Finally, there's mine!  I decided to take the plunge.  What the heck right?

Stimulus Induced Madness Monkeys - Banged Earrings 


Wild Cod Loins Banged Earrings 

I certainly don't know how it will effect our ability to get our shops listings seen but I know one thing for sure, it's a hecka lot more fun!  Feel free to leave a comment with a link to your own creative, out of the box, tell it like it is kind of name.






  1. wooo hooo! so cool, thank you! I feel so "FEATURED!" Great post, now I really want to name something WEIRDER! I don't know about any contest.... but I need to look into that!

  2. I do too, Jen! The weirder the better!! I don't know about any contest either but maybe we should have one...Who can dream up the weirdest name! HA!

  3. HI Janet Thank you for stopping by, I love when folks come by for visit and leave comments! BTW I am from Tucson too~ I love the thunder storms there...I grew there for most of my life, well half at least!haha Stop by again
    xox, Ann-Denise



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